Productora de Alambres born on 28 October 1984 as a family company Santander, founded by Pablo Prada Vicente Mendez, who had deep ties to the country's engineering sector.

With arguments light to survive at such a complex and low availability of equipment, the company took its first steps in the market for barbed wire.

With two machines and obtaining the raw material galvanized wire in the golden years of Acería Paz del Río, began to compete with a long tradition in the sector.

Leveraging its lightweight structure and production management with only three people, was introduced in the market, to place their small production of 20 tons / month.

Under the pressure of competition better equipped technologically, the company saw the need to integrate vertically backward, seeking means for drawing, annealing and galvanizing their wires.

After the third year of activities Productora de Alambres S.A. processed 180 tons / month of wires, generating the necessary resources to perform their expansions. It currently has an installed capacity of 1500 ton / month.